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What is difference between CT Scan and MRI? CT Scan Vs MRI Scan

As you drop by this post, in your mind should have a query is there any differences between CT scan and MRI scan right? If you have an appointment to these scan, not to worry and nervous. I’m going to explain to you what is differences in this article. Let’s continue to read the post below.

Who is Radiographer?

Let me explain to you who is Radiographer before dive in what is difference between CT scan vs MRI. Radiographer is a person who carry out to do a CT Scan and MRI Scan for patients.


CT Scan

CT Scan stand for Computed Tomography. Computed Tomography Scan is a machine acquiring imaging by using X-Ray beam and generated cross sectional images [3D images]. By using this ionizing radiation [X-Ray] rotating around our body to get the information and data to generate images. Not to worry, as these medical used radiation is still at safe level.

ct scan
CT Scan

MRI Scan

MRI Scan stand for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Magnetic Resonance Imaging acquire images using magnet instead of using X-Ray to generate images. As human body consist of 80% of water[H2O]. Inside hydrogen atom of water has a proton. By using the proton and magnetic field to generate images from human body. This machine is like a doughnut shape, this machine longer than CT Scan. Therefore, some of the patient who scare of small space, claustrophobic. Other than that, machine will be noise during scan, it’s like construction site. But not to worry some of the scan your head will be outside of the tunnel, such as extremities scan like knee, foot, ankle. Scan like pelvis, lumbar you can request the radiographer to put you with feet in first. In this case you head probably at the edge of the tunnel of the MRI bore. In the market, some having bigger machine and some center using open mri or extremity mri. Please check with your hospital representative regards the machine if you are worry and claustrophobic. In the last resort, if you are very claustrophobic, you can request to do the MRI scan under sedation.



CT Scan Vs MRI Scan

CT using non-ionizing radiation to generate images from our body. MRI not using or involve any radiation during scan. CT scan time shorter than MRI, CT scan usually about 5 mins scan whereas MRI will take from 20 mins up to about 1-2 hours, depend on what kind of scan. If simple MRI scan will take about 20mins only.

Some CT and MRI scan required contrast injection. If you are going for contrasted CT scan, please take note and alert your radiographer if you having multiple kidney failure, drug allergic, asthma, allergic to seafood, breast feeding or pregnant. For contrasted MRI scan, please take note if you are pregnant, breast feeding, and kidney failure.

As MRI using magnetic filed to do the scan, please ensure do not bring any metallic things into the scanning room. Declare if you have any operation before that put in metal implant, aneurysm clips, stent. As this might be dangerous and not compatible to MRI.

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